As a principle contractor, our customer pledge is to deliver efficient service to high quality. Value & quality is incorporated within the design of our structures and buildings which is then firmly controlled during the construction phase. This result’s, in a smooth transition from construction to operation, supported by accurately documented compliance records.

Construction Expertise

As a design and build specialist we recommend early collaboration with architects, designers and supply partners to create sustainable solutions to satisfy our customer requirements. By using the latest industry thinking, emerging technology, low carbon and modern methods of construction we can surpass pre-conceived conceptions.


Early planning to deliver our services allows us to achieve design and construction right the first time. Our proven supply chain, along with our day to day management enable us to achieve high levels of quality performance throughout the life of project or services we are contracted with.

Innovation & Performance

As a company we aim to evolve by exploiting new technologies and techniques and by analysing the changes In the construction and environment ensuring that Verogen’s careful and considered strategies are efficiently executed.