West Berkshire Mencap

Let us introduce you to THE MULBERRY PROJECT! An exciting development from West Berkshire Mencap. The project overall will see West Berkshire Mencap services revitalised and offering inspired new opportunities for adults and children. It all starts with relocating and modernising the Growing4All project on a safer, accessible site at the West Berkshire Mencap Centre, creating a vibrant and inclusive facility for all to enjoy.

The move from the current outdated and isolated site is crucial but the plans are also ambitious, they will include a children’s area, pottery facility, upgraded workshops for woodwork, hanging baskets, garden furniture, Christmas decorations and more.

Local families without a garden of their own, will be welcome to visit and enjoy gardening time with their children. Learning from the West Berkshire Mencap in-house expertise; bringing the community closer together.

Access for the public to visit and purchase their wonderful creations will now be safe and easy.

What we can do

This project will cost £100,000 (details further down the page) and West Berkshire Mencap are frantically fundraising; they are seeking help from local corporates such as Verogen , trusts and foundations but also desperately need help from hundreds of local supporters!

Above ground are numerous items you could choose to fund from bulbs to wheelbarrows and much more listed below. Make your donation – choose your gift – and, over time, re-visit the picture to watch the wonderful new site come to life. Groundworks and drainage, although they won’t be seen, are below ground essentials, signage and decking are vital too, all of these are covered in ‘essentials’ on the shopping list and they desperately need your help for work to begin!

mencap donations


The Mulberry Project would be delighted to receive any of the items on their ‘shopping list’ as a gift from any garden suppliers that would like to donate goods

  • Woodwork Cabin 1 @ £10,000
  • Tool Store 1 @ £4,000
  • Polly Tunnel 2 @ £2,000 each
  • Potting Shed 1 @ £700
  • Wheelbarrows and garden carts 4 @ £30 each
  • Railway sleepers for raised beds 54 @ £30 each
  • Shovels and Trowels 10 @ £10
  • Young plants multiple @ £6 per tray
  • Seed Trays, Seeds and bulbs multiple @ £5 a pack
  • Hanging basket kits multiple @ £4

Contact details

If you would like to be kept up to date with progress about The Mulberry Project please call them on 01635 41464 or email them at