About Us

Verogen Ltd was founded six years ago by a management team with extensive experience in the construction industry. Our focus on customer service and quality throughout this time has resulted in steady growth. Our aim is to continue to build upon our strengths and our position in the industry.

In 2018 we decided that our head office in the Royal Borough of Greenwich was insufficient to accommodate our increasing workload and so we were pleased to open a new office in Wokingham to better serve the western counties.

A third office and warehouse facility in Rainham will open in April 2021 to provide a better combined service for such things as on-time deliveries and bulk procurement benefits.

With these new facilities we have increased the number of hand-picked professionals such as quantity surveyors, commercial managers and project managers et cetera which along with a robust supply chain, enable us to carry out more projects as Principal Contractor.

What makes Verogen Ltd different?

Comprehensive customer service

We aim to advise not only from a construction perspective but also from a development management perspective. Our management team’s experience and knowledge can help shape commercial models for developments from unlocking opportunities to quickly commencing the build phase right through to sales and marketing strategies.

Digital technology and innovation

Using digital technology we are able to work more sustainably and to seek efficiencies for our customers. Using reporting and monitoring software such as Field View real time understanding of the progress and site conditions can be disseminated quickly and efficiently between the client, team and subcontractors. This approach enables our team, supply chain and customers to be fully informed while providing a safer, quality assured project.

Value and cost efficiency

We adopt an intensive commercial approach to the design process. In particular we rigorously investigate value engineering options, the benefits of which we can offer to our clients and stakeholders while still maintaining the serviceability, quality and functionality required by the end user.

Company structure and size

Verogen has the resources and capability to deliver projects up to £35million in value whilst maintaining a team effort ethos, where employees feel valued for their ownership of their roles within projects.

Resources & Management

With an extensive management team with many years of experience Verogen has the resources and expertise to deliver intelligent solutions to projects of up to £35 million as a Principal Contractor in both residential and commercial sectors.

Verogen is privately owned and our management structure is robust but concise, this allows us greater flexibility to adapt and implement changes rapidly to facilitate market shifts and individual project requirements.

Our team is encouraged to take ownership of its duties from the apprentices to the construction director.

We have adopted a collaborative approach to information sharing. In the same way that instruction is provided by site supervisors we encourage the flow of information back up the chain of command from the site operatives to ensure that tasks are carried out efficiently, safely and timely. Our unified management structure also means that everyone benefits from our ‘Open Door Policy’ which promotes self-worth.

From our two offices to the cloud-based operating system we employ, our management systems ensure high levels of consistency, quality and safety.

We continue to strive to improve by developing our people and systems and by listening to feedback so that we may better understand our clients’ needs.